.GDN Registry Records 250,000 registrations Within First Six Months

  Dubai (September 26, 2016) – Operator of the new gTLD, .GDN Registry, have announced that they have registered 250,000 registrations within the first six months of being in general availability. The Dubai based operator achieved this milestone on September 22 and has since surpassed that number. The registrations took place in over 100 countries. … Read more…

GDN Registry is nominated for best Registry of 2016.

It is no surprise the .gdn has been climbing the ladder in past couple of months since its GA launch on March 7, 2016. .GDN also reached 200,000 registrations this month to add to the spike and buzz. It was a surprise nicely taken by the GDN Registry when it came to know that it has been nominated as the “REGISTRY OF THE YEAR”. The nomination consists of 9 other contenders. The nomination process was handled by THE DOMAIN CONFERENCE. Nomination forms were sent out on Facebook, blogs and subscribers of the domain conference as we are being informed by them. The article below gives all the details. It was published here.

THE Domain Conference Opens Voting for Their 2016 Domain Industry Awards

When THE Domain Conference (TDC) returns to Fort Lauderdale, Florida next month show organizers will again hand out their annual Domain Industry Awards. Winners in nine categories are selected in industry-wide voting and anyone can now cast one ballot. The final ballot, released this morning, includes all of those nominated in an open call for nominations last week.

The rules specify that “All ballots must contain the full name of the person voting, either in the email address of the sender or on the ballot. Any ballot submitted without the full name of the person voting, will not be counted. No ballot box stuffing will be permitted.”

Voting will close at close at 9 A.M. U.S. Eastern Daylight Time Friday (August 5). All votes must be sent to

(Armor Payments is an escrow company that has been enlisted to serve as an independent 3rd party vote counter). The winners of each of the Awards will be announced at THE Domain Conference Keynote and Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, September 13th.

Here is the complete ballot that you can copy and email to Select ONE in each category:


  1. Michael Cyger   the-domain-conference-2016-280
  2. Theo Develegas
  3. Alan Dunn
  4. Fred Mercaldo
  5. Brett Napoli
  6. Lionel Petitiaux (Efty)
  7. Elliot Silver (DECLINED by Elliot)
  8. Michael Sumner
  9. George Verdugo

BLOGGER OF THE YEAR                

  1. Andrew Allemann
  2. Mike Berkens
  3. Michael Cyger
  4. Theo Develegas
  5. Raymond Hackney
  6. Ron Jackson
  7. Elliot Silver
  8. Konstantinos Zournas


  1. .Club Registry
  2. co
  3. GMO Registry
  4. GDN Registry
  5. Neustar
  6. Radix
  7. Rightside
  8. Starting Dot
  9. Uniregistry
  10. Verisign


  1. 101 domain
  2. Enom
  3. Hexonet
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Uniregistry


  1. James Booth
  2. Mark Daniel
  3. Alan Dunn
  4. Dave Evanson
  5. Tracy Fogerty
  6. Giuseppe Graziano
  7. George Hong
  8. Brian Kleiner
  9. Andrew Rosener
  10. Frank Tillmans
  11. Amanda Waltz
  12. Tessa Holcomb


  1. Mike Berkens
  2. Nat Cohen
  3. Shane Cultra
  4. Ilze Kaulins-Paskacz
  5. Braden Pollock
  6. Andrew Rosener
  7. Rick Schwartz
  8. Elliot Silver
  9. Adam Strong
  10. George Verdugo
  11. Chad Wright


  1. AdMarketplace
  2. Alphabet
  3. com
  4. Allegravita
  5. .Club
  6. DNJournal
  7. Efty
  8. GoDaddy
  9. com
  10. Intelium
  11. com
  12. NamePros
  13. NamesCon
  14. ParkLogic
  15. com
  16. RookMedia
  17. Sedo
  18. Igloo


  1. Jodi Chamberlain
  2. Michael Cyger
  3. Alan Dunn
  4. Jothan Frakes
  5. Ken Hanson
  6. Ron Jackson
  7. Morgan Linton
  8. Eric Lyon
  9. Jeff Sass
  10. Frank Schilling
  11. Elliot Silver
  12. Ali Zandi


  1. Thunayan Al-Ghanim
  2. Andrew Allemann
  3. Jeff Bennett
  4. Garry Chernoff
  5. Nat Cohen
  6. Alan Dunn
  7. Dave Evanson
  8. Jothan Frakes
  9. Rob Grant
  10. Kevin Ham
  11. Tessa Holcomb
  12. George Hong
  13. Ilze Kaulins-Plaskacz
  14. Morgan Linton
  15. Adam Strong
  16. Dhananjeyan Thangavelu
  17. David Warmuz

On the rise…

Well, It’s been awhile since our last post but not without good reason. The GDN Registry has been diligently working to increase its visibility and availability and due to the hard work of the team at the registry, .gdn has become the 3rd fastest growing new gTLD and has crossed the 65,000 domain registration mark … Read more…

The China market

The China market The land of the rising domains? To most China might seem like a world away, but that world is on a straight collision course with rest of the domain world, if not already taking it over, at least for the time being. While the domain industry mainstays of Germany, US, & Canada … Read more…

GDN Registry News

GDN Registry News: Week of March 18, 2016 Numbers update. Since our last post, there were some issues in regards to accurate numbers of .gdn domain registrations. During that that the issue was resolved and you can visit for an accurate representation of the number of .gdn domain registrations as of March 18, 2016. … Read more…

GDN News Update

So it’s been almost a week since .gdn had its GA launch and here’s a quick recap of all the GDN Registry news: Registrar News Since our last press release GDN Registry has some exciting news to unveil regarding accredited registrars. Safenames is now officially an accredited registrar of .gdn domains. GDN Registry is very … Read more…

GDN Press Release

The General Availability launch of the GDN extension has been a highly anticipated milestone for the GDN Registry, a company that has spent considerable time preparing for the acquisition and launch of its new TLD. GDN Registry is especially excited for the GA launch of .gdn because it offers a true generic option to .com. … Read more…