How .GDN can help you with your SEO

SEO three magic letters than bring a whole lot of meaning to businesses of all sizes. Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, but just how do they get it? One of the effective ways to up your rankings and get the coveted organic SEO starts in your URL. Yup that’s right, your domain name can have an impact on your SEO. While that may seem fairly evident (and it is), it may be harder than you think.

  1. Using proper keywords that your target audience is searching for

This requires some time, patience, and a plethora of open tabs. Doing proper research on can cause some strained eyes and a sore back but nonetheless a very necessary part of the process. While some sites may ask you to pay, try using Google tools or SEO Book to sift through the info so you can make a good informed decision.

  1. Finding readily available domain names with the keywords needed

While .com may be the most commonly used domain extension, because of that exact reason many of the quality keyword domains have already been registered and are unavailable. This is where investing in new gTLDs can be a big benefit to your SEO. Finding keywords that relate to your niche is only part of the battle for when deciding your domain name, the other part is availability and that is where new gTLDs can help optimize your SEO as it relates to domain names.

Aside from the increased SEO that buying several domains can offer, buying .GDN domains comes with free location based emailing system with all its domains. In addition to those benefits .GDN is also one of the cheapest domains in the market today. So, why wait?


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