The China market

The China market

The land of the rising domains?

To most China might seem like a world away, but that world is on a straight collision course with rest of the domain world, if not already taking it over, at least for the time being. While the domain industry mainstays of Germany, US, & Canada remain a powerhouse, China might soon have more than all of these countries combined. With recent reports of China owning a whopping 53% of all new gtlds, China is increasing domain name registration at an exponential rate.

So why does this matter to .gdn? Well with our recent announcement in regards to Chengdu West, the countries propensity for new gtlds at affordable prices, and .gdn being a likely domain extension for  Guangdong province, .gdn’s prospects in the Chinese market look very positive. So consider all these factors the next time you scroll through a registrar and see .gdn there.

GDN News update…

Since our last blog, the GDN Registry has been hard at work and thanks to the efforts of the GDN Registry team we are excited to announce that the following are all now accredited registrars for .gdn domain names:

  •          Alpnames Limited
  •          Safebrands
  •          Lexsynergy
  •          OVH
  •          Corehub
  •          Namecheap

As you can see the GDN Registry is putting in the effort for success and this same kind of hardworking attitude is what the GDN Registry team put forth towards all aspects, especially towards its business partners.

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