How .GDN can benefit domainers

The domain game giveth and the domain game can taketh. Domaining can be a lucrative venture to those that know how to navigate it but to those who don’t… And this is why you should stay vigilant of domain news and trends regularly.

So what does this have to do with .GDN? Well, apart from .GDNs email marketing advantages that comes with the domain, .GDN is the cheapest 3-year domain investment you can find on the market today.

As domainers know, renewal prices can be the biggest hurdle when it comes to keeping all the domains in your portfolio and can cause domainers to make some tough decisions. With .GDN you won’t have to make that decision, since our 3-year registration package is the cheapest in the domain world to date.

We acknowledge that there are tons of new gTLDs available on the market today but none can offer this same type of price certainty. Not having to worry about renewal fees for 3 years is a huge advantage in the domain game.

.GDN gives domainers more bang for their domaining buck. The extra year or two gives time for domainers to assess the market and make the most out of your investment.

So when choosing which domains to buy don’t forget about .GDN and all the value it provides to domain investors.


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